Writing the self for cultural healing

A narrative that cannot be reconciled on a personal level is per definition a story that cannot contribute to reconciliation. Our book chapter “Writing the self for reconciliation and global citizenship: The inner dialogue and creative voices for cultural healing” by Reinekke Lengelle, Charity Jardine, and Charlene Bonnar was accepted by Springer this week. I …

University of Eastern Finland

Frans and I have been invited to the university of Eastern Finland to speak about career writing and career learning processes and share our know-how with colleagues there. We’re delighted to be going. We met some of our Scandanavian colleagues at the International  Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance conference in Madrid in 2016. There …

Career writing in Norwegian

In early 2017 a Norwegian career magazine asked for articles on career writing for their career professionals who are seeking new ways to work with students and clients. Find those articles by Reinekke here:å-endringer-i-livet andæring These are also available in English so get in touch with Reinekke if you’re interested.