The Hague University courses

“Met Andere Woorden” & “Career Writing: a Creative, Expressive and Reflective Approach to Qualitative Assessment and Guidance”

Face–to–Face  – Haagse Hogeschool

Twice a year, Reinekke facilitates face-to-face workshops at The Hague University of Applied Sciences through the Research group “Sustainable Talent Development”.

The courses are “Met Andere Woorden” (In Other Words) and “Career Writing”.

“Career Writing” is a narrative approach to qualitative career assessment whereby client (or student) groups use creative, reflective, and expressive forms of writing to foster an internal dialogue about career. It is intended to help individuals construct a career identity by uncovering life themes, assessing drives and wishes, and rewriting stories (i.e., narrative truths) that no longer serve. The starting point for this learning process is usually a crisis, which could be a situation, event, attitude or choice dilemma surrounding work. Research shows that career writing holds promise for university students in the process of career formation and orientation and can help adults facing job loss.

These courses are each 2-day courses. Dates and registration information are available upon request.