Why you want to write

“Dr. Lengelle’s pedagogical style encourages students to critically examine their experiences for insight and empowers them to use these insights for the betterment of their future. I have truly benefitted from her approach to writing and I will always cherish my time as her student.”

Cara Violini,
Writer & English Instructor

Writing the self is the art and practice of using creative, expressive and reflective writing to tell your story and to develop personal agency.

Compelling evidence exists that the writing process promotes personal development in a variety of contexts and that writing has therapeutic benefits.

Career writing is a special branch of writing the self aimed at the development of a career identity.

In a world where employment is insecure and the variety of professional roles has become very complex, career choice-making is no longer a matter of matching skills and interests to so-called existing work. It’s about knowing about yourself.

Why is telling the story of your life and work important and why is this a new form of career guidance that makes sense? So that we can develop a “warm inner compass”.

We can no longer rely on the employer for life-long security. In order to be and stay employed we must develop ourselves and cultivate our employability.

“Reinekke and Frans’s work fosters dynamic discourses that bolster the career resilience, career adaptability, and, ultimately, employability of people facing transitions by re-storying their identities in times of rapid and fundamental change.”

Professor Kobus Maree

Dept. of Educational Psychology

University of Pretoria, South Africa