Career Writing

Reinekke and Frans’s contribution of career writing holds a unique position in the burgeoning literature on narrative career counselling. It provides a means for individuals to situate themselves within an inner narrative by means of a creative, reflective and expressive career intervention. Importantly, it is adaptable for group as well as individual work. 

Distinguished Professor Mark B. Watson
Psychology Department

Faculty of Health Sciences
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Writing your Career Story: Why it matters?

Online – University of Alberta Extension – EXGEN 3750

In the 21st century, blood, sweat, tears, and a diploma are no longer enough for job success. Career research shows that in addition to skills and aptitudes, an understanding of what gives us a sense of meaning and direction is essential. We must learn about ourselves and cultivate an ability to articulate our stories in order to find, keep and create our work. Narrative career approaches have been developed to that end. Work toward your own “career construction” as you explore life and career themes through creative, expressive, and reflective writing. Learn about the research that proves that “following your bliss” is not just for poets. This course is suited for career counsellors and coaches, those working in education and Human Resource Development, or those in career transitions or aspiring to learn more about career development.

Cost: $395 CAD

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Private course

Online – 12 weeks

In this course you will write your ‘career story’. There are a variety of reasons to do so, ranging from improving your relationships at work to developing more confidence and insight about what directions appeal to you. Behind the desire to thrive at work are the yearnings to know ourselves better and to improve our employability. The start of such learning a process usually involve feeling stressed out, dissatisfied, stuck, and otherwise out of sorts. This is precisely the ‘trigger’ for new learning and for uncovering more personal insight. You might for instance be in a job transition that isn’t happening as you thought it would. Or you might enjoy your work but notice you don’t feel as challenged as you once did and that it’s time for a change. You might have noticed a pattern of self-sabotage or anxiety around job security. It’s often not the circumstances that limit us as much as the way in which we ‘frame’ what is happening to us. This course is tailored to your needs via the conversation with the instructor. Facilitation includes guidance to do the writing and supportive and inspiring feedback. You will work by email or get access to a virtual classroom.

Cost: $1200 CAD

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