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Pre-order my book on grief and resilience. It will be in print by December 30, 2020

“Part tribute, part love story, part memoir, part investigation into our most nascent drive to confront death on its own terms, Reinekke Lengelle’s Writing the Self in Bereavement: A Story of Love, Spousal Loss and Resilience is an unflinching account of her husband’s determination to die as he lived, with humor and dignity. A frank and moving portrait of one woman’s journey through grief and through the power of personal writing that is both poetic and therapeutic, Lengelle’s narrative includes the turbulent, sometimes angry, sometimes affectionate emotions tied to grief. This book will appeal to scholars and to laypeople alike; but moreover, it will appeal to any reader who has experienced the death of a loved one, which, one way or another, touches all of us.” —Judith Harris PhD, Author of Signifying Pain: Constructing the Self Through Writing and books of poetry: Atonement, The Bad Secret, and Night Garden. Her poems have appeared in The Atlantic, New Republic, Nation, Slate and the New York Timesblog

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