About the Artists

Artists whose work is on this site

I’m delighted to feature the work of several artists from my family.


has been painting for decades and will have her next show in the fall of 2017. Her unique style is a mixture of folk and abstract and her body of work is called “The Earth and her Stories”. Hiske’s work has been featured on book covers, promotional material, and is part of private collections all over the world. Her paintings and prints of her work are for sale. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing work.

S. Lengle

has been making art all her life and won the Enbridge scholarship to attend  the Alberta College of Art and Design. Most of her work sells before she has a chance to hang it up; she is preparing for several shows. Reinekke has nabbed some pieces for future investment. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing work.


C. Witvoet

is a young Calgary artist and student at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He collaborates on artwork with S. Lengle.

J. Stael

is inspired by artists such as Chagall, Richter and Nicolas Du Stael with whom he shares a special connection. Stael uses colour and composition to evoke emotions in the observer. Sometimes meditative, sometimes provocative, his abstract paintings evoke a sense of the bond between the canvas and the audience. The paintings draw spectators into a world where they are free to reflect without the confines of conclusion and finality.

All artwork on this site is protected under copyright. If you are interested in the art or images, please contact Reinekke who will put you in touch with the artists.

Images used

‘The Face’, ‘The Patterns’ ‘People in the Landscape’ ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ by M. Hiske

‘Chairs by the woodstove’ ‘Kinbasket’ ‘Pods’ ‘Chairs by the Stove’ by S. Lengle

‘Benglow’ by S. Lengle & C.Witvoet

‘Little Fete’ by J. Stael

Photos of Reinekke were taken by Erik Visser of Edmonton, Alberta. Photos of Frans & Reinekke together were taken by Glenn Eilers of Edmonton, Alberta.