Youth Career Workshop

We ran day 1 of our career writing workshop last Saturday and the participants worked steadily from 10 to 5:30. They were very focused and all took active part in responding to each other’s work.

They wrote to Baroque music, made collages and talked about them, and they listed 20 careers they could imagine doing and combined them in unique ways. They told us what is important to them and we will meeting up to continue our exploring together.

We’ll have dinner together in the next few weeks, do more writing, and as their self-knowledge increases, the things they feel moved to pursue will develop.

One of the things we also emphasize is the that you’re not alone in making your dreams come true. There is a way to ask for help and we took our inspiration for this from Barbara Sher’s great work on career building. If you can articulate both your wish and your obstacle, you are much more likely to get the support you need. “‘Isolation’ is after all ‘the dream killer'” as B. Sher says wisely. 

Find more about her great work here: