Grief poems

Today Frans has been gone 10 months. This past weekend, as I was cleaning the house, this poem started to form in my mind. Feel free to use it with groups or share it with others who are bereaved. You can send them the link or copy and paste. 

Simple questions

by Reinekke Lengelle

First the questions are large

and vague,

how will it be without him

how do I sit with this and not seize

is there a reason for any of it

why can the conversation never be complete

unanswerable widths and depths

You just have to live it, 

I think that is what the wise ones say. 

Saturday morning dusting and fidgeting in the house

I find traces of him everywhere 

and the questions seem simpler,

how long do you keep shaving cream

does the photo stay by the bed

will the sight of someone’s grey hair stun me again

the answer, if I’m still asking must be, 

today, for sure.