Speaking & writing

Reinekke speaks on the topic of Career Writing and Writing the Self around the world. Contact Reinekke about opportunities to have her come to your university or organization.

“Exploring and sharing our life stories, as in “Writing the self”, is personally and professionally illuminative. Based on thoroughly researched theoretical foundations, Reinekke shines a torch on otherwise elusive writing processes. Her approach is not only straightforward and effective, but magical as well.”

Dr. Gillie Bolton, Author of several books on writing and personal development, including “The Writer’s Key: Creative solutions for life (Writing for Therapy or Personal Development)”


Consulting & research

Reinekke is available to consult on educational program development (both online and in-class offerings) and research projects in the area of career learning and development. Self-reflection, personal development, career development, and identity development are areas of expertise.

“I have known Reinekke’s work for many years and watched her using her skills and expertise to help people understand how reflective and expressive writing can inform life choices.

In collaboration with Frans, she has developed a specialism in the use of writing techniques to enable people to negotiate the world of work and relationships with insight and courage.

Both as a practitioner and as an academic Reinekke brings a warm humanity and open mind to all aspects of her work and generously shares this both in writing and face-to-face work.

Victoria Field, Writer and Poetry Therapist


Important notice: The process of writing about self can bring up challenging emotional issues. Students are reminded that the offerings are not therapy and that they must participate within their own capabilities and limits. If a student feels that further support is needed, he or she should seek a competent counsellor and/or psychologists. Facilitators of the courses are not responsible for any problems that should arise during the participation in this course.

“I learned about Career Writing thanks to Prof. Reinekke Lengelle about 5 years ago. Career Writing has changed my life since then. I was in need of a “career make-over” but also and especially, I was madly in need of finding my “real Self”.

My first encounter with Career Writing showed me how to discover my life themes, linking my childhood, youth and adult themes to my wishes for the future. I realized that I had been stuck for quite a long time. Reinekke helped me to write a new story about my life with her Career Writing sessions (both live and online courses).

I now pass this on to my students in the minor “Exploring Leader-shift”, which has been successfully running for the last 3 years at The Hague University, The Netherlands. My students testify that Career Writing is a life- and soul-changing experience. This method is powerful; it is a kind of Magic!

Adela Garabal Gómez, MA 

Leadership Coach European Studies &

Spanish teacher