The Hague University courses

1. Met Andere Woorden (“In other words”)

2. CareerWriting

Face–to–Face  courses in The Hague

Twice a year, Reinekke facilitates face-to-face workshops at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, through the Research group Sustainable Talent Development.

The courses are “Met Andere Woorden” which is in Dutch (translation: In Other Words) and “Career Writing” in English (the advanced facilitator’s course).

We have select spots for international colleagues.

These courses are intended to train university instructors, career counsellors and educators so they can facilitate their own career-writing workshops and guide students in constructing career identities.

Through creative and expressive writing, those taking the workshops learn the method, uncover life themes, assess drives and wishes, and rewrite the identity stories that no longer serve.