New book “Writing for Wellbeing: theory, research and practice” edited by K. Den Elzen & R.Lengelle

Our new book is coming out and will be available for order June 2023

“Over a thousand research studies have now demonstrated how putting distressing experiences into words can improve physical, emotional and mental health. Writing for Wellbeing, edited by Katrin Den Elzen and Reinekke Lengelle, translates the scientific findings into the art and practice of writing. The book gracefully points to ways therapists, practitioners, teachers, and those seeking self understanding have used different writing methods to come to terms with grief, tragedy, disease, injustice, and to foster positive identity change. This is ultimately an uplifting book that brings together the best of science, practice, and humanity. Whether you are a student, counselor, researcher, or a person living with pain or suffering, this book can speak to you.”

James W Pennebaker, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin, Author of Opening it Up by Writing it Do