Remembering Frans

Poems to Frans and about death, June & July 2019


Everything is more beautiful and painful now
and that’s the deal no one escapes
you showed me light and shadow
enacted and reflected

Enriched by love’s long apprenticeship
I thought today about how you dove towards death
I had never seen someone do it like that
that shows me the way forwards
to bow to the unfixability of nearly everything

may what doesn’t belong
shed away
you made me less afraid of losing
what isn’t meant for me:
things that don’t come freely
all that requires tired striving
words that are only honest sideways

I am seeing it all better now
even our damning imperfections
and I want to tell you
how the old friends aren’t the same.

They say illusions are like clouds passing the sun
dangerous and beautiful
You would smile,
I am learning to include it all

RL, June 2019

Into the mist

All of us are on the way to disappearance
make the most of it now
paddle with the living
and along the way, remember death
that will brings you back to now
where all your second chances live

RL, July 2019