Portrait of a Scientist: Hubert Hermans and Dialogical Self Theory

I wrote this (free access!) interview-based article about Hubert Hermans, founder of The Dialogical Self Theory (DST) to honour his work and see how DST took shape.

From the abstract: It was intended to determine the founder’s personal relationship to the construction and development of his theory and to provide a portrait of the engaged scientist and vulnerable researcher at work. DST lends itself to interdisciplinary research and practice, and is used in diverse fields and contexts (e.g. psychotherapy; bereavement scholarship; higher education). However, little has been written about the founder of the theory. I embarked on this project to illuminate the researcher and theorist as an individual who taps into personal material for practical and conceptual learning, and to honour Hermans’s contribution to the field of psychology, in the spirit of a Festschrift.

Read the article here