This is My Life! (Youth)

Youth Career Workshop 

Face-to-face (onsite) – please contact about dates! For Youth age 16-21.

This 3-part workshop helps young people find out more about themselves so they can make more suitable study and career choices. They learn to listen in, find out what motivates them intrinsically, take action based on that, and experience others as part of their extended network. This workshop is about developing your “warm inner compass”.

This youth workshop is co-facilitated by: Reinekke Lengelle & Leo Storrier

Leo Storrier, MSc is a strategic planner on large-scale university and government research projects, but also creates personal strategic plans with individuals.

For more information about this course, contact Reinekke.

Parental permission is required for everyone under 18. If you have a group of 5 young people who want to take this course, get in touch and we’ll see about getting a course going for your group.